You know yourself as Self. How do you know the rest of the humans aren’t androids?

This question infers duality.  “Yourself as Self” and “rest of the humans” is the otherness or separation inferred.  It may be more accurate to say there was/is the recognition of Self as Self.  There is no “me”…and so there is no “my” and therefore there is no “myself/yourself”.  There is no knowing myself as Self.  Only knowing Self as Self.

“The rest of the humans” are also the Self.  To ask, “how do you know the rest of the humans aren’t androids?” is a splitting of a me (who isn’t an android) from the rest of the humans (who might be androids).  No such division exists.  “You” and “the rest of the humans” are not other or separate.  “You” and “other humans” are not the same, but not different…definitely not other or separate.

Furthermore, to say “the rest of the humans” is still to identify yourself as a human…which is a body/mind.  I am not this body/mind any more than I am the shirt and pants I am wearing.  “The rest of the humans” are not their body/minds either.

To suggest “the rest of the humans” might be androids is just another illusion of separation.  Also, “androids” is kind of a put down or dismissal…the one who suggests it is implying being special.  The rest of the humans being androids implies the one who says it is not an android.  Again…a separation or otherness.  There is only the Self…nothing is superior, nor inferior, nor equal.

The reason I say it is a put down or dismissal to say others might be androids is because of what most people think of androids.  Human-like, but not human.  A being with no soul.  Furthermore, the common thought is that androids may be able to fake emotions but really don’t have emotions.  A robot that can fake feeling pain but does not feel pain.  An automaton that can not think for itself, but only do what the programming says.

So what is being asked is – you think, have emotions, and feel pain, but how do you know the rest of the humans aren’t machines that do not think, do not have emotions, and do not feel pain…they just fake it well.  This automatically puts “you” in a place of high position and being special…the only one who can think and feel.

Really, “the rest of humanity” are no more androids than you are.  But if you thought you might be an android, the question would not be phrased as it is.

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