What is the soul in Nondualism? Is there a soul?

I can only speak of my own understanding; and I want to avoid quoting scriptures of various kinds.  The soul exists, just as the body/mind exists.  However, the soul is also temporary…just as the body/mind is temporary.  Furthermore, the soul is not really who/what you are…but another level of egoic-being.

Firstly, why would I say the soul exists?  Early in my spiritual search I was introduced to past life regression and delved into many of my past lives.  I was taught to use past life regression for healing (and not entertainment) and I have seen physical issues resolved due to working with issues from past lives.  There have been instances of confirm each other’s memories of a past life as well.  This is within my experience.  Now, as the thing that moves from lifetime to lifetime is usually termed the soul…I would say the soul exists.  The soul lives beyond the body…this is a widely accepted belief.

Why would I say the soul is temporary?  Well, let me ask- “where did the soul come from?”  Most people would say that God create us…our souls.  Again, a widely accepted belief.  Anything that is created will one day end…all creations are temporary.  What is born will one day die…even souls.  All things are temporary.  The soul is just another thing.

Why would I say the soul is not who/what we really are?  Souls exist only the the appearance of duality.  This is my soul and my soul is not the same as (i.e. other than) your soul.  You can say the same about our bodies…this is my body and my body is not the same as (i.e. other than) your body.  Of course, this is the illusion of duality.  Duality itself is an illusion…in actuality we are not other than or separate from each other.  In a way (poetically), you could say we are all One.  Oneness is what we really are.

Let’s go back to what nondualism is…there is no separation or otherness.  A widely accepted belief is that God created our souls, but as there is no other and no separation…you could say you are God.  And so that thing called soul that was created to have an individual beingness to go around and experience the world…that is not really who/what you are…no more than your body/mind is who/what you are.  Your body/mind is the vehicle to experience this earthly plane.  If you can imagine that one can realize that he or she is not the body/mind…why is it hard to imagine that one could realize that one is not the soul either?

Identification with temporary forms is the cause of suffering.  That is why identifying with the body/mind (which will die one day and be no more) is so terrifying.  We find comfort in identifying with something that will out-live the body and continue on.  However, the soul too will end one day.  One day, the game may end and all form will vanish.  It is a widely accepted belief that in the beginning there was nothing…formlessness.  Guess what…one day it may return to nothing and formlessness.  On this day, there will be no egoic beings…no souls…no forms of any kind.  All souls returned to the source again.

In Nondualism, who/what you really are is that source from which all things (i.e. forms) came and all things (i.e. forms) will return one day.  But also, at the same time, while there is form…who/what you are is not separate or other than all the forms either.  In remembering the formless that was prior to form, you find you have no “thing” to identify with.  In remembering the formless that was prior to form, you realize any level of egoic-being is temporary and not who/what you really are.  So, once again…there is no “me”…even as a soul.

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  1. Ah Eric. I remember fondly our first encounters on the ET forum…I was so freshly shifted. What a pleasure it is to see you tackle a “third-rail” topic like the soul from a nondualist perspective. I also had past-life regressions (Newton technique). And they were impressive, particularly since they had current friends in them. And other surprises. Nanci Danison’s “Backwards” (NDE) is a great overview. And I agree with your conclusion and fine thinking and expression here. Also Jac O’Keeffe’s talk at the 2017 SAND is on youtube – what comes “after and before” nondual awakening – she is lovely, as usual.

    Namaskar — Sighclone

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