What is the point of attaining enlightenment?

This is a question only a “me” would ask…”what do I get out of it?”  There really is no point, because enlightenment is seeing through the “me” that wants to find use or utility.  That which might see a point is itself seen to be an illusion.  Use and utility only matter to a “me”.  No “me”…no use or utility…no point.

Enlightenment is not something to be “sold” to someone…to say in some way that you should want or need enlightenment…convincing you in some way.  I don’t try to convince anyone to seek enlightenment.  I am not trying to convert anyone.  If you have no desire for enlightenment, that is perfectly OK.  There is no reason for me to try to instill a desire in you by displaying various “carrots” and “sticks” in front of you.

What are the “carrots” and “sticks” but uses and utility for a “me”?  A “me” that wants to avoid pain and suffering and wants more pleasure and joy in life.  However, what you are doing in seeking to “attain enlightenment” for personal gain is to strengthen the feeling that you are this egoic “me”.   Thus building and strengthening the “me”, but enlightenment is entirely seeing through the “me”…realizing there is no “me”.  So if enlightenment is what you want (realizing there is no “me”)…how can this happen when you are building and strengthening the “me” by pursuing enlightenment for its personal gain…its benefit…its use and utility?  This is one of the reasons why seeking enlightenment becomes an obstacle to awakening (i.e. enlightenment).

Let go of enlightenment.  Let go of this future seeking.  Let go of this discontent with the present.  This is another way that seeking to “attain enlightenment” is an obstacle to awakening (i.e. enlightenment).  You are focusing on some better future and so you are trying to escape the present moment.  You might be unsatisfied with the moment.  You might be unhappy with the now.  This “it shouldn’t be this way” or “it should be different” is a way for the “me” to sustain and strengthen itself.  Sustained and strengthened through conflict with the here and now…by resisting and denying the now.  The more you struggle to awakening (get from now to something else)…the stronger the “me” who struggles becomes.  Conflict and struggle is an egoic activity (i.e. the “me”).  For what you really are, can not be in conflict or disharmony.  There is no other – and an other is needed for conflict and disharmony.

Be still..relax…be silent…be present.  Inquire…”who am I” and/or “what am I?”  Be mindful and watch what is happening.  When there is suffering or a problem, look deeply at it.  Out of curiosity wonder “where did this come from…what is its source?”  Follow it to its source and discover the tricks and illusions of the mind.  Understanding in the present is all that is needed…dispelling ignorance and the illusions of the mind.  Don’t worry about enlightenment…it doesn’t matter.  If it happens…OK.  If it doesn’t happen…OK.  There is nothing you can do about it.  What can a “me” do to see through the “me”?  Nothing directly…and certainly not by trying.

Cease strengthening and building the “me”…instead just look at it deeply.  What is the root and source of the “me”?  What is prior to the thought of “me”?  As long as we are conscious, we are aware.  Because of this, we have no choice but to be aware when we are conscious.  Be aware of the “me” and continue to “look” at it.  The longer “you look”, the more that the “me” is understood.  By just looking deeply, ignorance is dispelled and illusions of the mind are seen through.

What is the point of looking?  Just to see…and understand what is happening.

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