What is the human journey to you post realization?

The human journey (post self-realization) is simply playing and enjoying what is happening.

As I am a house-holder yogi (as Indian philosophy would call it).  I do have the roles of husband, father, employee, etc. to play. I play at working as a recruiter during the day so I can play at paying the bills every month. Playing the role of recruiter keeps food, shelter, clothing, etc. readily available in the grander game of life. The game of life is an amazingly intricate game played on many levels…and I am having fun playing it. I enjoy what is happening…whatever is happening.  A few years ago, I played the role of unemployed person…and that was fun in its own way as well.

The journey is simply as a person. Person comes from the Latin word persona. Per-sona…through which the sound comes through. This refers to the Greco-Roman masks they used to wear in open air amphitheaters…with the big conical, megaphone mouths that would project the voice out into the crowd. So when you say you are a person…you may not realize what you are admitting to is being a mask and playing a role.

No motivation or incentive is needed to play these roles.  There is no real purpose or meaning to play these roles.  It is a show, which is an illusion meant to fool you into thinking what is happening is real – and get you laughing and crying.  The roles are played simply for the fun of it.  If you ask a child, what is your incentive or motivation to play…you will have a very confused child looking at you. Or the child may simple reply, “for fun.” Play and having fun are really interchangeable. So what is being said is ‘I have fun for fun.’

Motivation, incentive, purpose, meaning, etc. are all things we learn from adults as we grow up…we are told what we do must have a purpose or meaning…that we must be motivated or have incentives. That is the viewpoint of an adult looking at work. The viewpoint of a child looking at play is totally different.  The viewpoint of a child is purer and closer to what is.  Jesus hinted at this as well and said become like little children.  Children don’t fret over the past or worry about the future.  We learn this from our elders.

There is no wrong path.  There are no mistakes.  All is well and has always been well.  I have no regrets.  So on this human journey, I don’t wonder what would have happened if I went right instead of left.  If the left path was painful to myself or others, I don’t lament or regret my choice…dreaming about the path not taken.  I can’t change what is or was, so why make it a burden?  You can only learn and move on.

There is no wrong path.  There are no mistakes.  All is well and will always be well. I don’t worry about the future.  So on this human journey, I don’t worry about the conditions of the road ahead (beyond what I can see).  I don’t worry what the road ahead will bring.  I really have little to no control over the future.  I really don’t know what will be found at the end of the road that I travel.  I am just enjoying the road and journey now.  Worrying is futile…if there is something I can do (course correction, jumping over a pit, etc.) then I will do what I can.  Worry will not help me one bit.  So I don’t worry.

So on this human journey, I don’t fret or grieve over the past…I don’t dream too much or worry about the future…I just live in this very moment.  I let what comes come, I let what goes go, and I just enjoy what is for as long as it is.

Freedom is maintained by not letting anything tie me down and not tying myself to anything.  Of course, this is achieved by realizing nothing could tie me down and I could not tie myself to anything (even if I wanted to).  Any such chains are illusions of the mind.

So in a very Zen way, I could say the human journey (post realization) is a balloon floating in the sky.

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Modern-day house-holder yogi and lover of what-is; living in peace, contentment, and joy.

6 thoughts on “What is the human journey to you post realization?”

  1. Do you worry about accumulating good/bad karma while playing the different roles and act accordingly?

    1. Not at all. I don’t worry about karma, nor do I plan and act accordingly to accumulate good karma. Karma is not even thought about or considered. I act without being attached to the fruits of action. Karma Yoga would say when you act this way, you neither accumulate good karma nor bad karma.

      1. How about social standing? Does that ever enter into your action calculation? I find that slightly different than the time-laden concept of karma. For instance, the opinion of one’s boss might still be considered “important” within the moment-to-moment context of maintaining the present employment, assuming a preference is present, but also with the understanding that all “importance” is a fiction?

        1. I don’t really think about social standing…but I don’t “mouth off” to the boss either. Obviously in many of the games we might play – social standing is important…work being one of the games.

          In the context of work, if I don’t agree with my manager (and this happens from time to time) – I tell her my position and why I think the way I do. I am just trying to do my job well, so I think she understands. But if she tells me to do it her way, I do it her way…regardless of how wrong I think the decision is. They are paying me to play the game their way.

          Within the games we play that have a pecking order/social standing…you know to add weight to the opinions and wishes of those above us. But you know full well this is just a game and there is no one above or below anybody.

          1. Damn straight 😉 This is relatively new for “Kieran,” so things are still burning and collapsing, but man there’s a stubborn part of ego left that refuses to have a boss of any kind. Wonder what’ll happen when that goes. Probably… Nothing. 😉

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