What keeps you motivated after awakening?

Motivation is something the ego wants.  Ego needs motivation and drive to do things it doesn’t really want to do.  Motivation is something you need in order to do work.  Ask a child “what is your motivation or drive for playing?”…and you will have a very confused child.  Or you might get the simple reply…”because it is fun.”  What is play, really, but to have fun.  So what is being said is “I’m having fun to have fun.”  It is having fun for its own sake.  This is play…no motivation needed. Continue reading What keeps you motivated after awakening?

Why is the world considered an illusion?

I know when I say the world is an illusion that I sometimes receive a vehement denial from people.  From them, I get a sense that they believe “the world is an illusion” is a denial of the existence of the world, a denial about the world’s importance, or otherwise is putting down the world (i.e. reality).  This isn’t true of course (mostly), it is their own misunderstanding of illusions.

The world is an illusion, because it simply is not what it appears to be.  To explain this further, I will use five analogies – mirages, magician’s illusions, movies, virtual reality (VR) games, and dreams.  Hopefully, through the analogies you may get a glimpse to a deeper understanding of what is meant by the world being an illusion. Continue reading Why is the world considered an illusion?

How would one engage in politics while keeping it all grounded in nonduality?

A good question considering the most recent presidential election.

If one was so inclined to engage in politics, and one is Awake, then it would be remaining in the understanding that regardless who wins (for example, the last election – Hillary vs. Trump)…it was the Self that decided. 

It is not a matter of keeping it all grounded in nonduality.  That makes it sound like it takes some effort or doing.  Awakening or enlightenment is the occurrence of the direct insight of the Self / nonduality.  Once this realization occurs…it can not be denied.  You feel it in your heart and bones.  Afterwards, regardless of what goes on in the world (of appearances of duality), you are never fooled into thinking anything is other than the Self. Continue reading How would one engage in politics while keeping it all grounded in nonduality?

Who is engaged? Doesn’t engagement involve duality?

Engagement does involve duality.  I do not deny the appearance of duality and I do not say that duality ceases after AwakeningNonduality is not some separate state where there is no other only and duality ceases to exist.  That would just be another form of duality.

Let us say that one night while you are sleeping, you have a dream in which you realize you are dreaming.  This is known as lucid dreaming.  The entire dream comes from your own mind, so you are ultimately the creator of the dream.  So when you realize you are dreaming, you also realize it is not real…it is an illusion.  Also, everyone in the dream…including the dream character you are controlling…was created by you and is an illusion.  This does not mean the dream stops.  The dream can continue and as a lucid dreamer you can really enjoy the dream. Continue reading Who is engaged? Doesn’t engagement involve duality?