Should I remind myself throughout the day – I am not the body or mind?

This is a kind of affirmation, but I do not recommend any affirmations…even “I am not the body or mind.”  When you do this, what you are trying to do is to train the mind and alter your beliefs.  You are trying to change the habitual thinking of “I am the body and mind” with “I am not the body or mind”.  This will not help realization.  You will not awaken this way.  This is just trying to alter the illusions of the mind.  You can not awaken by training the mind.  You can only awaken by seeing through the illusions of the mind.

When you realize who/what you are (clearly and without a doubt)…you will just know you are not the body or mind.  You won’t have to remind yourself or try to remember.

Reminding yourself or using affirmations is what the ego does to try to fake it.  You are attempting to brainwash yourself.  Does Queen Elizabeth get up every morning and remind herself, “I am the queen…I am the queen”?  Of course not.  Only someone who does not think/believe/know they are queen would have to remind themselves and use affirmations.  So in asking, “should I remind myself throughout the day – I am not the body or mind,” what you are saying is you really think you are the body and/or mind.

Instead of trying to deny what you really believe – that you are the body and/or mind, I suggest you investigate the belief.  Delve into it.  What I mean by this is just to look at it.  Every thing you think you are…just look at it.  Is it really you?

Ignorance and illusion only continue when it remains uninvestigated…not looked at deeply.  Most people dismiss looking deeply and accept superficial glances.

Look for exceptions.  It is easy to say, ‘I am something in the brain or the whole brain’…but is it true?  What part?  Has that part been damaged or non-existent in some people…and yet they function as a person?  You might be surprised to learn how much of the brain has been damaged, removed, or been born without in various people who lived normal lives as a person.

You could compare life with when you are dreaming as well.  When you are dreaming…you also believe you are the body/mind of the dream character you are playing.  But in the dream, are you really the body or mind of the dream character?  There is the appearance of other people who have their own thoughts and perspectives, but are there really “others”…do “others” really exist in a dream?  All the dream characters…even the one you think you are during the dream…have all come from one mind.  Imagine if you were trying to insist you are the body or mind while in a dream…couldn’t you be just as far off in the same belief when not sleeping?

You have not ceased to exist and come back during you life…right?  So who were you the moment you were born?  Likely, you did not even have a name yet.  No memories.  Not even a sense of “I”…as some psychologists say babies have an oceanic feeling and there is no separation.  Or how about in deep dreamless sleep?  You didn’t cease to exist…so what is in deep dreamless sleep?

Investigate enough and you may doubt that you reside in the body or mind.  When you cease in believing you are the body and/or mind…that is awakening.  Only when you realize there is no “me” will the power of ignorance and illusion be dispelled.  When you realize what you really are…there will be no need to remind yourself…there is just a knowing.

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