Who is engaged? Doesn’t engagement involve duality?

Engagement does involve duality.  I do not deny the appearance of duality and I do not say that duality ceases after AwakeningNonduality is not some separate state where there is no other only and duality ceases to exist.  That would just be another form of duality.

Let us say that one night while you are sleeping, you have a dream in which you realize you are dreaming.  This is known as lucid dreaming.  The entire dream comes from your own mind, so you are ultimately the creator of the dream.  So when you realize you are dreaming, you also realize it is not real…it is an illusion.  Also, everyone in the dream…including the dream character you are controlling…was created by you and is an illusion.  This does not mean the dream stops.  The dream can continue and as a lucid dreamer you can really enjoy the dream. Continue reading Who is engaged? Doesn’t engagement involve duality?

What does nonduality mean to you?

Nonduality is the English equivalent of the Sanskrit term, Advaita.  Dvaita is a Sanskrit word that means duality, dualism, and dual.  “A” is a prefix that makes it negative.  So Advaita means not-dual or nondual.  The philosophy becomes nondualism and when we speak of it as a subject it is nonduality.

For me, it basically means the appearance of two or even a multitude of separate things are not really separate at all.  There is no “other.”  The appearance of separateness (otherness) is an illusion caused by ignorance. Continue reading What does nonduality mean to you?

What is spiritual awakening to you?

It means something specific when I use the term. Spiritual awakening, Enlightenment, Self-Realization, and several other terms are all equal and point to the same happening. They all point to a radical and permanent change of our identification. Basically, we see through the mirage called “ego” and are never fooled by the mirage again.

The ego is this person in the world who has a life, will die, has problems, has accomplishments, has suffering, and has momentary happiness. The world is separate and potentially hostile – at minimum parts of it are unfriendly – towards this personal sense of self…the ego. Many see the ego as the thinker and doer in this world. Continue reading What is spiritual awakening to you?