Private Online Consultations

Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching for Non-duality, Awakening, and Living Awake and Engaged.

You can arrange a session by phone or on Skype regarding something specific OR you might be looking to just have a conversation to bounce ideas off.  A kind of a private satsang.

Whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for ongoing one-to-one spiritual coaching, this is an opportunity for you to see through the “me”; see through the the illusions of the mind which cause suffering; live in the present moment; explore mindfulness; orient your life towards love, truth, harmony, and unity; and be happy now.

One hour sessions are typical…any longer has the risk of overload and losing key points.  Eric will leave you with things to inquire into and look at deeply…which is easier to do in your quiet time than in real time during a conversation. 

Eric enjoys working with individuals because of the greater depth and intimacy possible.  Pointers are easier to give for your specific situation and understanding, instead of broader statements meant for a crowd.

You can request a session with the below form:

After our conversation, Eric does accept donations.Eric will accept whatever you feel is fair for your time together.