Is there such a thing as living in pure nonduality?

What do you think that would mean?  When people speak of pure nonduality, they often talk as if there would be an absolute nothingness/oneness or absolute non-differentiation.  That they would not be aware of the appearances of the world or something or other.  They don’t seem to catch the fact that the idea of “pure nonduality” is just another form of duality.  There is not such thing as pure versus not-pure nonduality.  There is just nonduality.

Life and the world itself is not dualistic…it has always been nondual.  It is our minds that believe in separation.  It is a mental fiction.  There never was otherness.  There is only the mistaken idea of otherness, because there is a perception of many things (that we then assume are separate).

We have been taught that things are separate.  We are fooled by the conventions of speech and thought which create the idea of separate parts.  There really is no such thing as “things.”  A “thing” is a noun…a convention of speech.  This mental dissection and division is a function and fiction of the mind…it never really existed.  And so there is no such thing as a “dualistic world.”  Duality is only a story we tell ourselves, tell “each other”, and maintain…but it is a fictional story.

So when you see through this illusion of duality and realize there never has been otherness…what is seen in the world does not change.  The world – as seen in awareness – does not change.  The world – as it is understood – changes.  The insight or realization of nonduality only transforms how we understand and interact with the world.

Living in nonduality would then mean living as you always have been living, but profoundly understanding that there is no otherness and never has been separation.  There is a continued perception of the world as it has always been, but it is not “believed” to be the separateness it appears to be.  (It is not a belief, but I am poetically and figuratively saying believed.)

Like a mirage, the world is perceived and then understood to be what it is and not what it appears to be.  Enlightenment or awakening or living in nonduality does not mean the mirage no longer appears.  It simply means you don’t believe it to be the water that it appears to be.  The world appears to be full of separate things…and other conscious entities insist that they are separate…but this is the illusion…the mirage.  The understanding is that separateness never existed outside of the mind (as a mental concept).

Nonduality is not two…nor one, nor nothing, nor any combination, nor all of these, nor none of these.  Living in nonduality is really all you can ever do, because you have always been living in nonduality.

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