If the illusion is seen as an illusion, then why does it not end immediately?

If you see a mirage and recognize it is not water, why does the mirage not disappear?  If you see a magician’s trick and have come to know how it is done, why does it still look like he is pulling a rabbit from the hat?

It is a fallacy and misunderstanding to think that just because the illusion is seen as an illusion (i.e. recognized as an illusion), that it will for some reason end right then and there.  No longer perceived.  The illusion is called as such because of our incorrect understand and ignorance.  A mirage is just hot air refracting light, but the misunderstanding and ignorance would be to think it is water.  A magic trick is done through misdirection, sleight of hand, and props, but the misunderstanding and ignorance would to be think it really was magic and he materialized a rabbit.

Let me explain this using a more classic Indian metaphor.  You may have heard about the rope that was taken to be a snake.  It is dark and snakes are poisonous, so snakes are feared and cause a lot of worry.  Well, if you saw a piece of rope in the grass…you might mistake it for a snake.  Thinking it is a snake…that is the illusion.  Illusions only take place in the mind.  But when the illusion is seen as an illusion, you will still see a piece of rope.  You bring a flashlight or torch to the “snake” and the illusion and ignorance vanishes and is replaced with seeing a piece of rope and knowing it is a piece of rope.

For me, duality is the snake everyone sees and nonduality is the rope that has always been there but we misunderstand it, mistaken it, and basically are ignorant of what is really there.  This is why I say duality is an illusion and never really existed.  The world we live in has always been nonduality.  Nonduality is not something other than the world itself.  The duality…thinking there is separation…is the mistake.  There is no other.

So when the illusion is seen as the illusion…the water is no more and refracted air remains…the snake is no more and the rope remains…separation in the world is no more and non-separation in the world remains.

People misunderstand and think that if the illusion of duality were to disappear…that the world would somehow change or experiencing would end.  This is a myth.

The world still appears to the eyes just the same after enlightenment as before enlightenment.  There are sensations and experiencing just the same after awakening as before awakening.  What does disappear are illusions of the mind and ignorance.  We no longer mistake what we see for what really is.

There is a clear seeing that there is no “me”, but this does not mean there is an inability to use the words “I” and “me” in every-day-speech.  It does not mean there is some inability to recognize who/what is being called when your name is called.  Also, direct “control” is only over this body/mind and the experience is localized around the five sense of the this body/mind.  That does not change after realization and seeing through the illusion of separation.

What does change is thinking that this body/mind is separate from the rest of the world.  You are the big bang that is still going on (and expanding) even now…not some separate entity on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy that is on the edge of the big bang.  You are not some part…which is another form of separation and otherness.  You are the whole show…and so am I.  The whole show includes what-is…including the world we see.  The whole show is also the illusions cause by ignorance that we believe.

There has only ever been That, but you think it is something other than That and so hence the illusion.

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  1. Wonderfully explained. We have been told the mirage is real our entire lives. To come to the acceptance that the mirage cannot be trusted or believed (in the absolute sense) is challenging, to say the least.

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