If I am everything, why am I aware of only me?

With this logic, you would not be most of your own body. You are not aware of what the adrenal or pituitary glands are doing right now. You are not aware of what cells in the body are dying and which ones are splitting to form new cells. You are not likely aware of your shins right now…well maybe now that I brought your attention to it. You are not likely aware of the inside of your nose nor your ear lobes. You are not aware of your ear drums. You are not aware of the backs of your knees.  You are not aware of how many white blood cells you have right now or even feel one of them.  I can go on like this…but I won’t.

My point is…not being consciously aware does not mean separation or not being it.

Most of our awareness only comes from the senses on and around the head…which is why so many people think they are ‘in there’ somewhere (in the center of all the senses). Hearing, sight, smell, and even taste are all in the region of the head. Then we have the skin covering the rest of our bodies that provide sensations. But the skin sensations take a back seat to the major senses on the head – most people focus more on visual and auditory perceptions.

Unless there is something wrong…do you feel your stomach?  Do you feel your liver? Are you aware of your brain? Right now…are you aware of all the organs of the body?  Only if there is something wrong or an injury, then do we feel many parts of the body.  Normally, it is there but unnoticed.

So by your own logic, because you are not aware of everything in your body…you are not your body. This is a false conclusion because you don’t have to be consciously aware of it for it to still be a part of you. Conscious awareness is not required. In fact it would get in the way.

How does a centipede control its hundred legs?  It doesn’t think about it. If you were consciously aware of everything inside your body and had to consciously control it…you wouldn’t manage to get out of bed.  Think about it.  You would have to turn on hundreds of processes within the body.  Then you eat breakfast, and there are a bunch more processes that have to take place…simultaneously.  What if you forgot to process waste within the body?  It is a good thing we don’t have to consciously be aware of or control everything in our bodies.  It is actually quiet amazing how all this stuff gets done without having to think about it…without even having conscious awareness it is going on.

Most functions of the body happen unconsciously…but let us say superconsciously instead…giving it a plus instead of a minus. Superconsciously, you are beating your own heart, you are digesting foods that you eat, you are breathing (when not controlling your breath consciously that is), etc.

Now breathing is interesting in that you can consciously be aware of your breath…you can consciously control your breath, but most of the time you are not consciously controlling your breath and you may not even be aware of your breath. And yet it happens. You don’t have to be consciously aware of breathing in order to breath. And so do you breath or don’t you?  Of course you are breathing…whether it is conscious or not.

If you find out that it’s you who circulates your blood, you will at the same moment find out that you are shining the sun.

~ Alan Watts

We are causing the happenings of the entire universe…without our conscious awareness.  When you are dreaming at night…we are causing all the happenings of that world without being consciously aware of it.  Everything within the dream came from one mind…you.  And so all that you see in your dream is really you.  Yet, we are only consciously aware of the single dream character we portray within the dream.

So if you are dreaming about being chased.  It is you who is chasing you.  There is no other person who is chasing you within your dream.  You just don’t know this consciously in the dream…you are still being fooled by the dream and the apparent separateness.  What you perceive through the senses still revolves primarily around the sense organs around the head of the dream character you are playing.  So, although other people (like the one chasing you) in your dream all have heads and appear to have their own perceptions…you are limited to the perception of only what your dream character can experience.  And yet, that dream character and all the other dream characters are not separate…they all came from one mind.

Sometimes people will ask in relation to the original question – how is it that if somebody punches me, I feel that sensation..but if somebody punches somebody else in front of me, I don’t feel anything. Why do I only feel what is happening to my body?

Well, that is the way the game is played.  The same thing happens even within your dreams.  As I said, when you are dreaming…it is all you…it all came from one mind.  And yet, within the dream, if someone punches you (i.e. your dream character)…you will feel it.  But if someone in the dream punches another dream character…you don’t feel it.  In order to have all these “different” persons, they must remain separate in their perceptions and memories – or they cease to be who they are and eventually it all falls apart as individuality is destroyed.  That is the basic rule of the game that keeps the game going.

In conclusion, the lack of conscious awareness and/or control does not mean you are separate from it.  Be it our bodies in this world.  Be it our bodies within our dreams.  We are consciously aware of so little…and yet we do it all.

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