How would one engage in politics while keeping it all grounded in nonduality?

A good question considering the most recent presidential election.

If one was so inclined to engage in politics, and one is Awake, then it would be remaining in the understanding that regardless who wins (for example, the last election – Hillary vs. Trump)…it was the Self that decided. 

It is not a matter of keeping it all grounded in nonduality.  That makes it sound like it takes some effort or doing.  Awakening or enlightenment is the occurrence of the direct insight of the Self / nonduality.  Once this realization occurs…it can not be denied.  You feel it in your heart and bones.  Afterwards, regardless of what goes on in the world (of appearances of duality), you are never fooled into thinking anything is other than the Self.

In the last presidential election, I voted for Hillary…but I elected Trump.

Both the voting for Hillary because this specific body-mind experience that answers to the name “Eric” thought she would make a better president AND the fact that Trump was elected was the Self. Trump being elected is not a problem or even a loss…it is as I (i.e. the Self) chose it to be.

You (as a body-mind) can root for and attempt to help one side of the political game win.  You are free to do whatever you wish…even remain silent and not participate…but “what is” is as you want it. “Win” or “lose” in the game…actually it is win-win-win-forever. There is only the Self.

There are people in the nonduality community that have been whining about Trump and making anti-Trump posts on Facebook.  Some of them are teachers…which surprises me and makes me doubt they have Awakened.  The Self elected Trump, so the question becomes what is their problem?

Awake people can engage in politics however they wish.  They can vote or not vote.  They can protest or not protest.  They could even run for office or not run for office.  They can do whatever they wish.  They just are not invested in or attached to a specific outcome, because whatever happens was deemed by the Self (which is not different than themselves).

So why vote at all if it is all a decision of the Self?

Think of it this way.  When you are making a decision, you may weigh the pros and cons and they struggle back and forth until the decision has been made.  The decision was not predetermined or made beforehand.  The decision was made in the moment after all the pros and cons weighed in.

Likewise, when I voted for Hillary…I (this body-mind) was but one of the cons in the decision the Self made to elect Trump.  You would not call your own inner voices of pro and con different than yourself…they are just you as part of what is happening to decide what will happen next.  Through the interaction of those pros and cons, the decision is made.

If many of the inner voices suddenly fall silent, because those inner voices feel it is all a decision of the Self (and not them)…then the decision could have been otherwise as the balance of pros and cons shift.  There is only the eternal now, which is the Self, and even the Self does not know what will happen in this illusion we call the world.

I do not see freewill in conflict with nonduality or the Self.  So too, I do not see the lack of complete control in conflict with freewill.  I do not see predestination as the necessary conclusion to nonduality and the Self.  Life is improv, not a fixed script being executed.  The choice you (as a body-mind) make is none other than the choice of the the Self.  The ultimate decision (i.e. result) is also none other than the choice of the Self.  There is the Self and no other.

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