How do I live what I’ve realized?

Put simply…you don’t.  We live from our being and our understanding.  If you have realized that hitting others does not well serve you or others (avoiding the label of “wrong”), then there is no question of how do I live what I’ve realized…or how do I put ‘not hitting people’ into practice?  You just don’t hit people, because now you understand differently.

The ego tries to live or practice what is not clearly understood…because there is the thought/belief that there is something to be gained by trying to live or practice it.  It is not a matter of trying to live what was realized.

For example, if you are full of worries and anxieties…and there is a glimpse that there is no “me” or worry does not really help or whatever, then when worry arises…the question arises “how do I live what I’ve realized?”  But, if the lack of “me”, futility of worry, nothing is gained by worry, and etc. (all of it, not a piece) was truly realized (wholly and deeply, with no doubts)…there just would be no worry.  There would be no worry because you are (in being) one who sees no point in worrying.  There doesn’t have to be a choice of not being worried.  There is simply not being worried.

If you are wondering “how do I live what I’ve realized,” what that really means is that it has not been totally, wholly, and deeply realized without a doubt.  There is still something within you (belief, thought, some ignorance) that remains that is causing a doubt or contradiction of some kind.

For example, if you truly realized there is no “me” and there never was a “me”, then there is no question of “how do I live what I’ve realized so I do not fear death?”  You see, the fact there is a fear of death and the question “how do I live what I’ve realized” means that a “me” is still believed and there is identification with the body/mind.  There is no way to have profoundly realized “there is no me” and still fear the death of “me”.  They are mutually exclusive.

When I speak of realization, I am not talking about some gained knowledge which is then implemented through practice.  This is a sort of faking it when it comes to realization.  Realization is a shattering of the illusions of the mind.  In clarity, you see what has always really been…but you had thought it was something else.  Once this happens, you don’t need to try to live ‘not believing’ what you thought it was.  You just no longer believe it.  Ignorance was dispelled and the illusion has been seen through.

For example, through realization and enlightenment – attachment falls away.  Non-grasping becomes the default because there has been a seeing through of attachment.  The fact that you can’t hold on…and the fact there is no “you” to hold on.  Non-grasping arises from understanding and is a way of being.  And so there is no need to live or practice detachment because you never try to hold on in the first place…you have seen through the illusion of attachment.  There is no question of how do I live non-grasping, because you simply are non-grasping.

This is different than someone who senses attachment causes suffering or otherwise glimpses at seeing through the idea of attachment, and then decides to practice detachment.  This person tries to live their “realization” through detachment.  They catch themselves trying to hold on and then reminding themselves of what they “realized” and letting go again.  For them, they are trying to figure out how to live non-attached…when they have not yet seen through attachment itself.  Somewhere within them, they still believe in holding on and that holding on will benefit them in some way.  Ignorance and illusion are still intact.

I have said many times…understanding is all.  What I mean by that, is that we act according to our being and understanding.  If you are attached, it is because you have not realized the futility of attachment.  If you did realize the futility of attachment, you would not be attached and there would be nothing to try to overcome.  If you believe in a “me”, it is because you have not yet fully, deeply realized there is no “me.”  If the realization there is no “me” had occurred, then there would be nothing to live…who would live it?

Instead of wondering how to live what you’ve realized, I suggest looking more deeply into what you think you have realized.  You have not wholly, deeply realized…otherwise there would be no question about how to live it.  Once it is truly realized – deeply understood, it changes things automatically…because we live from our being and our understanding.

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