How can I actually use nondual philosophy in my every-day life?

You don’t.  It is not about trying to implement concepts and beliefs into life.  This question comes from the viewpoint of the ego or “me.”  How will this make “my” life better…how do “I” use this to get what “I” want?  Enlightenment and awakening is about seeing through the “me” and realizing the nondual nature of what-is.

Don’t use the pointers and concepts you learn by studying nondualism to create a philosophy you want to implement in life.  That is not how it works.  This is like hearing that the enlightened do not have attachments, so you go out and start practicing detachment in the hopes of gaining some of the benefits of enlightenment based on imitating the enlightened.

It never really works because the “I” is still the doer and seeker.  The “I” is still believed.  You may imitate what you hear the enlightened are, but that will not bring enlightenment because you still have not looked at this “me”.

Nondualism is fundamentally not a practice.  You don’t use it.  Nondualism is a realization and understanding that transforms how the world is seen.  Prior to the realization, you may suffer because you can’t get a promotion at work or your car regularly breaks down or whatever.  After realization, it is no longer a problem and you don’t suffer.  Not because you got the promotion or your car suddenly runs without issue, but because you clearly see there is no point in denying what-is.  You can only act to possibly create a new future, but you don’t really have control or get to chose what will be.  You act without attachment to the fruits of action.

Don’t try to make nondualism useful.  Nonduality is what you are…always has been and always will be.  Using something is a doing…not a being.  Furthermore, nonduality has always been the case…so this is like asking how do I make my two eyes useful?  You were born with two eyes and when open they do what they always have done.  So how could you make your two eyes useful?  Nonduality is even closer than your two eyes in this analogy.

You can only realize nonduality and see through the “me”.  So when I hear this kind of question, I would say to you – take a good look at this “I” and “my” you are referring to.  Who/what is this “I”?  As long as the “me” is not recognized for what it is, you will suffer.  Why try to implement concepts from nonduality to try to overcome suffering and not bother looking at the “me”?  That “me” is the basis and foundation of your suffering and problems.

When I hear this kind of question, it sounds like someone trying to avoid looking at themselves.  They just want to know what to believe and what to do in life, but they don’t want to look at themselves.  Nondualism is not a philosophy or system to be implemented in life.  Nonduality is the understanding that arises when the “me” is seen through.  So what could you implement other than looking at this “me”?

What happens after awakening?  What about the benefits of awakening?  All that does not matter until after awakening.  Don’t try to get the benefits of awakening without awakening.  Just awaken.

After awakening, there still isn’t any such thing as using nondual philosophy in life.  There is just being and living.  Action springs from being/understanding.  Nonduality is not some philosophy that is held on to.  Nonduality is not something useful…as ‘useful’ is a concept that refers to a fictitious “me”.

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