Could you talk more about what you mean by “in-joy-ment”?

In-joy-ment is the active finding of joy in what-is.  I find that an easily accessible doorway to joy of the moment is the appreciation of what-is.  Of course, in order to appreciate what-is, you have to have already allowed and accepted what-is.

As is often the case in nonduality and advaita, I noticed a certain dryness.  Some people into nonduality seem to become aloof…disengaged.  I have come to understand this is one of the traps of nondualism.

In a way, it is like someone who thinks non-attachment means avoiding all pleasure.  They can not see that one can enjoy oneself and experience pleasure without becoming attached to it…needing it to continue or return.  For example, to be non-attached does not mean that when hungry you just eat tasteless gruel.  If good tasting food was available, why not eat good tasting food and enjoy the meal?  The trick is not becoming attached to good tasting food…being unhappy when there is no good tasting food available.  If you find yourself in a situation of being at a dinner party that is not serving anything you like…you don’t make this a problem or suffer.

Likewise, some people think nonduality means being above it all and being unaffected by the world.  This does involve allowing and accepting everything…or more precisely it is the non-resistance and non-denial of everything.  However, just non-resisting and non-denying is only the beginning…like tolerance.

Tolerance is an allowing, but it comes from the viewpoint that my life is no better with whatever it is in my life.  Some might even think that my life might actually be better without it in my life because then I would not have to tolerate it.  Of course, this shows some struggle or effort is being made to tolerate something…and if it was truly allowed it would be effortless.

However, instead of tolerance…what if you truly accepted whatever it is in your life?  Let us go even further still.  What if you looked for and saw value in whatever it is?  Instead of just allowing it and/or accepting it, now you embrace and value it.  You see that your life is better for having whatever it is in your life.  This is a whole new level really.

I had said that just non-resisting and non-denying is like tolerance because it is dry and cold.  Tolerance is cold really, but embracing and valuing something is warm.  Similarly, non-resisting and non-denying is dry…it overlooks the juice of life that is found when it is embraced and valued.  Embracing and valuing what-is is appreciating what-is.  It is a step up from non-resisting and non-denying what-is.

Now, when you are really embracing and valuing what-is…you will find joy.  It just arises on its own.  The kind of joy that children feel when playing.  Everything does not have to be pleasurable and going your way in order to find joy in it.  If a boy is playing and imagines a princess has been kidnapped and now he must save the princess (like in the cartoons)…maybe he bumps into troubles and problems on the way…but he is enjoying it all.  The game is not fun without some challenges.

So if you are driving to work one day and come across slow traffic…you could allow and accept the traffic.  This would be tolerating it.  Or you could embrace it and value it.  Perhaps, due to the slower pace, you are able to enjoy the scenery.  Perhaps,  it gave you an opportunity for sadhana (spiritual practice)…for allowing, accepting, embracing, and valuing what is going on.  Perhaps, it just gives you some time to think or be alone.

This is what I mean by in-joy-ment…the active looking for the joy in life through appreciation for what is happening.  Sometimes, this means looking down instead of looking up (so to speak).  What I mean is recognizing how far you have come instead of how far you need to go.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  Perhaps, while in slow traffic, you realize you just traveled 40 miles and a little over hundred years ago this might have been a two day trip.  You can appreciate the car and much faster travel (relatively speaking).  In this way, we cease taking things for granted.  Or another way is to simply recognize it could have been worse.  You are in slow traffic, but at least you are not stuck due to a flat tire or car accident.  You can appreciate how good you have it…even if the traffic is slow.  This is not trying to mentally bypass or dismiss the slow traffic, but putting it into perspective.  The slow traffic is embraced.

I found delight in something Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said in a talk he gave in Minneapolis in 2016.  What he said pointed at the very same in-joy-ment idea.  He looked at the clock, joy beamed from his face, and he said, “it’s 4 o’clock…and I am still alive.  My family and love ones are still alive.”  He was finding joy in the fact that every one he cares about is still alive…with him.  We often overlook such blessings.

In conclusion, I will define in-joy-ment as the active finding of joy through appreciation for what-is now and whatever is happening.  Through in-joying oneself, the juice of life is not lost…things do not become dry…you remain engaged…embracing and valuing life.  In-joy-ing it.

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